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How To Apply For Medicare

If you’re aging into Medicare, you might be wondering how to apply for Medicare. And if so you are not alone as this is one of the most asked questions about Medicare. So first we will briefly discuss what Medicare is, and then we will cover how to apply for it.
What Is Medicare?
Medicare is a social insurance program issues by the federal government. It is intended to cover retiring individuals age 65 or older, and people with disabilities or certain life-threatening illnesses like end-stage renal disease (ESRD or kidney failure) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The federal agency in charge of Medicare is called CMS or Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services so be sure to open all of your mail from CMS.
There are three ways to qualify for Medicare:
1. If you or your spouse worked in the U.S at least ten years paying taxes every year, you would be eligible for Medicare when you turn 65.
2. If you are declared disabled, and you receive Social Security disability payments for 24 months, you will usually be enrolled in Medicare.
3. If a person is diagnosed with ESRD or ALS, they are enrolled in Medicare.
How To Apply For Medicare
Aging into to Medicare, meaning that you take Medicare when you turn 65 years old is the most common way to get Medicare by far. Let’s discuss how to apply for Medicare if you are approaching 65 years old.
If you retire after at least ten years of work where you paid taxes every year, and you are receiving Social Security payments, then you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare. Look for your Medicare card to come in the mail about three months before you turn 65.
If you are retired and NOT receiving Social Security payments, you MUST contact the Social Security Administration to apply for Medicare even if your previous employer gives you health insurance coverage.
If you are still working at age 65, and your employer provides you with health insurance coverage, then you do not have to take Medicare until you are ready to retire. When you decide to retire, or if you opt out of your employer’s insurance plan at any time after your 65th birthday call Social Security, and you will be allowed to enroll in Medicare at that time without penalties.
If you are still working and your employer does not provide you with Health Insurance, or if you opted out of your employer’s health plan, you must contact Social Security to enroll in Medicare.
In every case, to apply for Medicare you have to contact Social Security because Social Security keeps a tally of your work history and Medicare tax payments, and they determine if you qualify for Medicare.
For more information about applying for Medicare and other related topics, please visit the official website for the Social Security Administration,, or feel free to contact us directly.
I hope that was helpful, good luck on your Medicare journey.

Turning 65?

Turning 65

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